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Updated: Sep 8, 2021


Have you seen Grayson’s Art Club?

if you haven’t, it’s worth catching up.

if you have… then you’ll know he invites anyone and everyone to submit their artworks on each theme. Well, I decided to finally be one of those people!

So here’s a run down of my second submission on the theme/prompt of ‘WORK’ – and this one’s all about my granny Betty.

Betty Odello Marshall 1922 – 2013



I adore(d) Betty! everyone who knew her did…

She was the sweetest and kindest woman, who gave the squidgiest cuddles, and was always singing. Not only was she an incredible grandmother, but a brilliant artist and was a hugely important inspiration and role model to a young creative Liberty.

So when I started thinking about WORK and what it meant to me, it was pretty clear I was going to pick Betty (again). Betty worked as an artist for many years, under the name Odello Marshall, gaining much recognition in the South West and regularly selling out her exhibitions. She painted from her home studio in Kingsbridge, Devon, which is where I decided that if my other life ambitions didn’t work out (Farmer’s wife / Sniffer-dog for the police), I would become an artist too, with my own home studio.

Well, the police thing didn’t work out… and I’m still waiting for the right farmer to come along, so art it is!



For some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to chuck the previously mentioned dodgy batch of cyanotype sensitiser (which seemed to be endless!) – so I used that for the coating the smock, hand brushing it on, and inevitably running out, so I had to make a new batch anyway… yeah, I don’t learn.


It was another cutting it fine situation, but I managed to submit my video, photos and text in time… a baggy smock is surprisingly difficult to photograph at night, on a cheap stool with a glass of wine or two there for moral support.

I am so damn proud of this piece, and it’s really lovely to have something to keep and treasure in this way.

I spent a jolly long time making these videos as well – so I’m going to let them do the talking from now…

Here’s the older project I mentioned from 2013 (a few months before she died) – it was for a project called “Still and Moving Image” in my first year at Arts University Bournemouth.

I think I’ll write another blog post in more depth about my lovely Betty soon, so I can share all the amazing stories about her. There’s so much so say, but I don’t have the capacity just now…

Please do pop onto my YouTube channel & hit subscribe

I’m sure there will end up being lots more videos soon!

Also see my last Grayson’s Art Club artwork for the prompt of “DREAMS” which is focused on my aspirations and desires.

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