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Hello darling, in this space let me pitch you my vision, not a third person vague overview of my career... I've always been an artist; I've just not been great at saying so with confidence and conviction... until now. 


Little Libby was inspired by my beautiful grandmother and her own Devon-based studio, I think I always knew I'd follow in her footsteps. I even put on a mini exhibition on our staircase wall when I was about 7, I wanted to be just like granny with her sold-out exhibitions ... oh, how I loved to collage! She always supported my artistic talents, and even now I'm still obsessed with, and constantly inspired by her; "what would granny do!?"... she'd fucking boss it, and so can I.

Currently my big passions are cyanotype (something I found exactly when I needed to, but had no idea of the constant gifts it would bring me), illustration, and most recently I've been experimenting with pottery. Journalling has also blossomed into a powerful creative tool for me, in itself, and as a support to other mediums, it's the practice I've been sharing the most. Painting still holds a special place in my heart, I fantasise about carving intricate lino cuts, and it hurts a little to admit I've hardly drawn in photorealistic accuracy since my A levels (I was really fucking good, but I didn't believe it enough). I am comfortable in the belief that I can flow through art styles, without being tied to one for my whole career.


I am most inspired by nature, female connection, by my own thoughts, past and feelings, by the moon and how we tend to personify her, by movies and songs. I try to find the beauty in broken, decaying or overlooked things... and try to embrace imperfections.

I swear a lot, I love flowers and boobs and gold, I write like I'm talking, and... I talk a lot! 





After graduating from Arts University Bournemouth, I moved into the world of admin; holding art as a passion and hobby on the side. During the first 2020 UK lockdown, I returned to my hometown of Torquay and had an "if not now, then when!?" moment and decided it was time to finally take my art career seriously. So, with no more excuses, quit my unfulfilling job and life in Surrey and got to making full-time; Liberty Feist Studio was born.

In its current incarnation, the studio is a converted bedroom in my parents’ house, for private use only… one day, it will be something spectacular to welcome you into. My grand vision is to foster a creative community on an Arts Farm*, to immerse ourselves in nature and draw inspiration and energy from the glorious life around us.

The studio is open to the public by appointment only, and for local pick-up of purchased items. Please get in touch if you are interested in visiting, or subscribe to my newsletter for updates on any upcoming workshops and events.

*a term I'm fairly sure doesn't exist (yet!) but I've been using pretty confidently for a few years now, assuming everyone sees in their mind, what I see when I say it.... apparently not though.



I've always been drawn to blue, and throughout my experience with cyanotypes, I've felt a sort of inexplicable power from the artform and process.

Lately, all the pieces seem to be falling into place and it's all becoming clearer - blue is empowering! Cyanotypes allowed me to voice myself in ways I hadn't been able to before, then I learnt about how to support and balance your chakras. How the colour blue supports the Throat Chakra... you know, your voice, communication, creativity, self-expression... I'd say that was definitely something worth supporting.

So here I am, standing loud and proud for the Girls Supporting Girls movement, I'm here to make art to raise you up, and I'm raising myself in the process. So let's be high-vibing blue bitches together - you with me!?




This studio business is my pride and passion, that's why I've put my name on it and invested all my savings into it! 


Both the business and I, are still finding our feet, learning, growing and figuring out our place in this big wide world... 

My right to fuck off, whenever I like:

  • I am an artist... my schedule is unpredictable, I make no promises about my availability or work-pattern

  • This is my passion - but it's not my only job

  • I will often drop tools to go and look after one of my many niblings (human & hound)

  • I will not work if it poses the slightest threat to my mental or physical health - everything else can wait

  • The lifestyle I have chosen means I am often off volunteering

  • I make no promises

  • I will reply if/when it feels right


Liberty Feist Studio will not tolerate: 

  • Sexism, racism, anti-LGBTQI+, religious etc abuse, comments (in any context)

  • Suggestive comments, unsolicited advancements or stalkerish behaviour

  • Aggression, abuse, or lack of respect for boundaries

Liberty Feist (Studio) may, where necessary, politely tell you to fuck off, if you fail to respect the studio, the person or the things I care about.

Image by Elia Pellegrini
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