Updated: Feb 2

Hello my lovelies, I didn't have much to report last week so I thought I'd combine the two

(Yeah, I just didn't want to write it)

So... things suddenly got very messy and busy in the studio over the last fortnight, I seemed to try and use ModPodge in nearly every project.

We are currently on day 22 of 40, so grab a coffee and see what I've been up to.


PROJECTS CLOSED: 4 (5 if you're reading it on Sunday!)


PROJECT #1: SODIUM CARBONATE (continued from WK1)

Thank goodness for that, on day 20 of 40 I was starting to get a little nervous that I'd only closed one project so far... I mean two isn't much more, but fuck it, let's celebrate! 🍕🍷 Because I'm still pretty bloody brilliant, just can't commit or concentrate 🤷

I cheated slightly by using leaves that my good pal Mother Nature had already skeletoned for me (instead of me having to boil them in this gross smelling chemical) - and created a three leaf Cyanotype which was half dipped in the mixture to turn it yellow. I'm actually really happy with this, and sort of wish I'd done a few more - so probably will soon.

There was a lot more to the process, in terms of tests, I filmed a lot more

1: end result (still wet)

2: post vinegar rinse

3: post hydrogen peroxide bath

4: during the sodium carbonate bath as the colour starts to change from blue to purple to yellow (fucking magic)

... yes, I basically just copied that from my instagram caption, but the overwhelm is real, and there's more info below if you need it:

While this is definitely something I'll be doing more of...



PROJECT #3: ARTBOOK (continued from WK1)

Well, it would seem that I was SO pleased with the result of this in week one, that I just didn't touch it for a week or so. That's a lie, I picked it up a lot, flicked through, admired it; basically shoved it in the face of every family member who came near my studio... but I didn't add to it for a while.

Earlier this week, I decided to be okay with the fact that I probably wouldn't be making any more pages - these are mini projects afterall, and maybe I said all I needed to say in those five little double page spreads... so it was time to glue it together, pop on a cover, and smother it in gold.

I am still incredibly in love with this book, with every flaw, every swish of gold, every truth so blatantly displayed. I can't wait to make more.... and between you and me, there might be another one, sooner than you think under this 30 by 30 project, in response to the Grayson's Art Club prompt of 'LOVE' - my sister and I were discussing it at length while decorating, featuring lots of "OH FUCK OFF _ YESS!" in response to ideas.... it'll be possibly, the most personal and exposing project I have ever worked on and I invite that level of cathartic exercise into my life, especially during this damn retrograde!!!

[videos to follow]