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30 BY 30

Okay, so I've had a bit of a creative block so far this year - which is absolutely fine, we all get them.

I think we need them, I needed the time to rest, for admin and to sort through the mountain of mess in my studio - I'm not sure there was any time to create if I had been up for it!


As I enter my thirtieth year (...hmm) I decided that the best gift that I could give myself this year was a gentle art challenge... so, in the 40 days leading up to my birthday, I plan to play, experiment, vent, move, mould, smash, and make a jolly good mess in the studio (or elsewhere) in whatever artform and medium feels right, to complete THIRTY small scale projects.

I'm giving myself ten extra days, firstly because I WANT TO START NOW PLEASE, but also as you may have noticed, my attention span isn't always the sharpest, and I need to give a little gentleness to myself as to prevent overwhelm... I don't think I have ever stuck to a 30 day challenge; too much structure, too much pressure, I get bored.

I don't really like my birthdays*, so I'm hoping this will help.

Follow along with my challenge via my posts & stories on Instagram: #30by30 / #LFS30by30 and I'll also be trying to pop up a weekly blog post showing what I've managed that week and any ideas I may have plotted for the next week.



Look out for a special project to celebrate Betty, as we mark 100 years since her birth on 25 March 1922.


*nothing to do with aging, because THIRTY IS STILL YOUNG! I have just historically found them terribly underwhelming and a recipe for disappointment. hoorah for pessimism.

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