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Transcending frost is a sun-exposed, cameraless photography artwork.


the design was made using a digitally created negative to create the range of blue and white tones, and is left unaltered in postproduction.


The artwork is an A3, which is sold unframed.

"Transcending Frost" (A3 cyanotype)

  • The magical cyanotype (blueprints) process dates back to 1842; they are made using sunlight/UV to activate a chemical reaction on sensitised paper - once exposed & processed, the image has a wide range of blue tones.

    All of my works are handmade, using quality materials. Due to the process, each piece is one-of-a-kind, even when using the same starting image; this means you will always get a unique artwork.

  • Transcending was an experimental project, exploring my own growth, personal journey & decision to return to my hometown.

    The pieces produced combine the female form with woodland scenes and hand drawn illustrations, some feature 24k gold leaf detailing. This personal project grew into something which I wanted to share.

    more on the series here

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