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Hey, new to creative journalling? looking for a little gentle guidance?

Here's a worksheet I made for my mumma's wellbeing biz Me & Frank which I'd love to share with you (she doesn't mind!)


This DIGITAL version of my handout, is an instant download so that you can print off at your desired size (recommeded: A6 to stick inside the cover of your journal), or keep a copy on your phone for reference whenever, wherever...  remember you can reprint it for each new journal if you want to keep it as a reference.


So whether you're well versed but a little stuck, or a total novice, just remember there's no wrong way of doing this, just follow your gut (or some guidance) and see where it takes you... if you don't like a page you can just rip it out or cover it over; nothing is set in stone, and there are no rules. 


It's a journey, and it's yours... I'd love to see where it takes you.


fancy coming over to the studio to play? look out for event updates: EVENTS

LET IT OUT _ Journalling handout

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