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Heyyyyy ... who doesn't love stickers, am I right!?


Well, I've been designing for a while now, and thought it was about time to get my designs shrunk down to glossy stickers to share with you all - use them in your journal, on your waterbottle, giftwrap, car dash, printer, fridge, or wherever else you stick stickers... no judgement here babe.


Have fun with it Hun.


In this pack, you'll get approx. 10 stickers in various sizes and designs, on a range of themes.

(that's only 50p a sticker!)


- inkjet printed stickers, printing in the studio.

- currently handcut, becuase honestly I can't figure out my Cricut yet... but I think it offers a nice quirky edge (literally).



coming soon:

- 'moon bits'

- 'the gals'

- journal prompts

- full sheets

Illustrated Stickers Selection

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