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Are you bored of mass-produced stickers? fancy something a little more unique, irresistibly tactile?

look no further! May I present to you, a range of hand-painted stickers... with chaotic and charismatic designs scraped, flicked, and doodled over layers of label sheets


All the sheets will be completely different, though of course, many of the colours will be the same. 

Sold in packs of 10 randomly selected size, shape and colour, for now just lucky dip - but I'll start adding specific colour options.


I'll keep adding new stickers, in various shapes/ sizes. Generally 10 stickers per pack... 



Transparancy: this little project started as a recycling initiative to make use of misprints from various family businesses, instead of binning perfectly good stickers... but as demand grows, I can't necessarily rely on mistakes for stock, so I'll likely use some new sheets too. 

Handpainted Stickers Selection

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