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FOUND AT FAIRY COVE is a range of sun-exposed, cameraless photography artworks, created in response to a day out at the beach.


Created as part of my ongoing Devon walking series, these blueprints were created using items found on the beach at Fairy Cove, Paignton. The items found on this day included: seaglass, seaweed, drift wood, shells and pebbles - these are contact printed under direct sunlight on a chemically treated sheet of paper to produce fantastic blue artworks.


Each artwork is approximately A3 (12” x 16.5”) on thick 100% cotton rag, these are sold unframed. Titled, numbered and signed.


Each piece is unique due to the alternative-photographic processes used in my artwork - dependant on light levels and exposure times, trusting Mother Nature to work her magic!



Why not add an A3 magnetic print hanger?

OR contact me to discuss framing arrangements as an extra.





Items collected: 26/05/21

Works exposed: 27/05/21

Number of works: 10

"FOUND AT FAIRY COVE" varied (A3 cyanotype, edition of 10)

  • The magical cyanotype (blueprints) process dates back to 1842; they are made using sunlight/UV to activate a chemical reaction on sensitised paper - once exposed & processed, the image has a wide range of blue tones.

    All of my works are handmade, using quality materials. Due to the process, each piece is one-of-a-kind, even when using the same starting image; this means you will always get a unique artwork.

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