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So you want it right away? or live a little further afield... I got you! Here's your 'instant download'/ print at home version of my first Zine... you'll be emailed a zip file with the zine as a one page PDF file, accompanied by a jpeg file showing you how to fold and cut your page to make it into a zine. 


ohh, and one more thing - this one's the colouring-in* version! Have fun, I've made it as blank a canvas as possible, for you to add your own colour to: do it slowly and mindfully or just really go for it! It's also great for people who are low on colour ink...


*shown in the photos with a watermark, also shown in photos is the original full-colour version for ref.


I AM (more than) ENOUGH & other truths you deserve to tell yourself...


Hello my love, this little zine is for anyone who may need to hear it's message.


It’s called affirming, & you deserve to affirm greatness darling, because you are great... even if you can’t see it right now, or the world has made you feel otherwise. okay, so it might feel a little bit gross at first, but, I promise it gets easier...


I'm not really into the whole not seeing what's inside the zine before I buy it vibe... so I've showed you as much as possible, so you're sure it's what you want.

Want a physical copy delivered in the UK?? select this option (includes a bonus print inside)


Designed on photoshop

PDF download, for printing at home

Recommend to print on thin/normal printer paper so it folds nicer

When printed on A4 it fold down A7 (unfolds to A4)


for personal use only: not to be sold, duplicated or published - fine to print an extra copy for your mum or bestie, just please don't be a dick... 

I AM ENOUGH - colouring-in zine (A4 print at home file)

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