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This amazing little light cube is the ultimate display of cyanotype beauty! A compact little 10cm cube, invites light to shine through the shadows of wildflowers on this a ultra-fine paper artwork, flooded with blues and tiny details. 


With two unique designs to choose from, you can change the colour and brightness of the light shining through these amazing artcubes, to suit your mood. Why not set it to aqua to really fire up the blue hue while working on your throat chakra meditations?  Or dim the box to a subtle and gentle glow as you drift off to sleep...


The decorated paper is made using cyanotype - a cameraless photography technique which captures the detailed shadows of my favourite wildflowers turning to white against the vivid blue background.


Each lightcube is made to order, so please allow at least a week for completion, times may be longer for custom orders (dependant on request).

Custom orders: I would love to help realise your perfect lightcube with you - if you've got an idea for something, please get in touch first to discuss the possibility of the project before purchasing the item. Possible customisations may include photos, text, specific flowers, drawing outlines, etc. For example, I made a gorgeous little one of these for my niece with all the treasures we'd collected on our coast & countryside walks (seaglass, shells, leaves etc. each with handwritten text)

I reserve the right to refuse any commission or customisation requests.




NOTE: this product does not hold the powers of the tesseract... sorry.


PriceFrom £50.00

    • 10cm cube
    • Dimmable (8 Level Dimming)
    • LED 16 RGB Colors
    • Remote controller + USB Rechargeable
    • IP65 Waterproof

    LIGHTCUBE: this is an electrical product which I purchase as my blank canvas, to cover with very thin paper which I have decorated using the cyanotype process. I do not make the lamps: [Mr.Go Light Cube]

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