YVES KLEIN - possibly the artist most linked to the colour blue... he even invented his own shade!

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Yves Klein is best known for his Anthropometry series, where he used naked females as 'human paintbrushes' to create large scale paintings replicating the body's form and movements.

I first saw Klein's works in Paris in 2008, but never really committed the name to memory (I've never been terribly good at remembering artist's names... that's why we have Google!), he probably came up in Art History at school or uni, and I know I saw further works which I didn't link to his Anthropometry series. I've seen hundreds of blatant rip-offs of his style by armature artists, often just for personal use, that I had dismissed the idea of trying something in this visual for so long. But as I began to follow and explore more "draw this in your style" challenges on Instagram, I started to be slightly less of a dick about stealing an idea and making it your own - because after all, the first thing they teach you at art school is that no idea is original.

So, I decided to tackle one of the greats - my way.

I'd been looking into a way to produce nudes in a different way - to represent the naked body, but I wanted it to be real, accurate and honest... I started looking up body prints, and there he was everywhere (or people embracing his style): Klein, and his big sexy blue body prints.

Well fuck. That's it! I'd wanted to play around more with wet cyanotypes, and why start small and safe when I could go ALL IN and make a huge fucking mess that may just result in something beautiful... and my oh my, didn't it just!

It's technically the reverse of his methods; using the female body as a paintbrush to apply paint directly to a plain surface, while my way is using the plain body (... albeit wet) to remove/alter the 'paint' from the 'painted' surface.

If you know me well, you know that I am an absolute SUCKER for wordplay - so to be starting a project inspired by/ in response to Yves Klein that involved laying down.... How could I not call it RE:KLEIN !?!?

In my new project RE:KLEIN I am starting to produce works inspired by Klein's Anthropometry series, but taking on the role as artist and model - taking the control back to the female.

NOTE: I'm pretty sure this is really really dangerous, so PLEASE don't try it at home!

I was super careful to have my washing set-up at the ready, and scrubbed myself thoroughly to make sure all the mixture was removed from my body.

Here's a video about it all:


This project fascinated and seriously fulfilled me - because it wasn't just about the chemical reaction of light hitting light-sensitive material... it was about physically changing chemistry - with my wet body. Disrupting the process, and in theory 'ruining' or fucking up the materials before the actual exposure - to reveal an image that isn't really there!

The body as a paintbrush, but more than that - the body, captured in a moment, like a kiss on a window that lingers, but this doesn't wash away.

I find it all very exciting!

ROUND ONE [30/06/21]

Nervous... but excited!

I wasn't sure at all how wet to be (...stop it).

I had the shower running and the pre-coated paper on the floor ready. I'd vaguely measured my torso against the page so I sort of knew where to kneel to delicately (ha, not) lay down on the page when wet.

A fair amount of bleeding - water that is - aroun