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Transcending was an experimental project, exploring my own growth, personal journey & decision to return to my hometown.

The subject was developed as a personal exercise/challenge with Rebecca (Pioneering Your Life) during one of my coaching sessions, as part of our ongoing work together.

In a year where the world seemed to fall apart for everyone, I was still rebuilding after what I thought was the end of the world the year before. I sought solace in my daily walks, in the quiet, tranquil surroundings of South Devon; each day I found new paths within known areas, it became a sort of comfortable risk-taking, learning to trusting and push myself, to safely embrace the mystery and excitement of the unknown… we decided the feeling this gave me needed to be found in other areas of my life where I was feeling trapped or stuck (my artwork & new business).

So, I channelled this energy into a digital collage, which would form a big shiny blue & gold cyanotype to hang on my studio wall, as a bold visual statement, a reminder - to explore, experience, and shine. The pieces produced combine the female form with woodland scenes and hand drawn illustrations, some feature 24k gold leaf detailing. This personal project grew into something which I wanted to share.



Like many Millennials, UK lockdown resulted in me finally downloading & participating in the crazy world of TikTok… and actually, I’m not sorry about it. I started making little videos about my creative process, but this allowed me to feel more comfortable about sharing my workings and process with the world.

To the right is one I made for the Transcending process. I had saved jpegs along the way and when I flicked through them, they showed a brilliant journey - again, not an intention to ever share them, but a happy accident that I could.

Below, are some of the work-in -progress stills.


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