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Updated: Sep 8, 2021


Alice is a statue that I grew very fond of in Kingston’s Cemetery.

The grave on which she stands is dedicated to the memory of Alice, her husband James, and their son John. I love graveyards, and cemeteries, and I always read the dedications. I started referring to my favourite statues by the names on the dedications, and the habit kind of stuck.

I started this piece up in Kingston, in 2019 when I lived there, having photographed Alice many times over the last 8 years on various visits to the cemetery, I thought it was finally time to cyanotype her. I don’t remember if I made her for myself, or intended to gift her to my parents, but one way or another, they wanted her, so she’s theirs now.

For Christmas 2019, I decided to make all my gifts by hand and had far too many ambitious plans, which inevitably I left to the last minute and had no time or money to start again when half of them failed. On Christmas Eve my parents saw me stressing over all my failed gifts and said about theirs (I’m not good at surprises) “don’t rush it, you can finish it later… have some wine instead” … well 15 months later, I finally handed over the finished artwork today!

Here are some photos and videos from the process:







watching over our hallway, just a subtle artwork on a subtle wall….

I’ll definitely be ordering some thicker Perspex for this frame, as although my parents say they don’t mind the warped shiny reflections, I do.

I totally get why IKEA stopped selling frames with glass in them, but WHY pick such flimsy plastic to use in it’s place!?


commission inspo_JESSCHRIS.jpg

If you have a project in mind that you’d like to discuss, please contact me, I’m always looking to take on new commissions and expand my portfolio.

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