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I'm putting my everything into making this studio a success, so if you'd like to pledge your support in any way it would be so welcome! 

I'm always amazed at how willing people are to help when you let them - so this year, I'm trying to be more open and invite in support wherever it may come from. This world is full of really generous and lovely people.

... as nothing is expected, I can assure you that everything will be appreciated.


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Following me on social media allows me to reach my audience and get feedback on my work to help my business grow.

If you enjoy what you see, let me know by liking, commenting on and sharing my posts with anyone else who may enjoy them too.



Yeah, everything really starts to add up... 
so while I am slowly building up a full catalogue of art supplies to make my studio the best it can be, I offer this open invitation to support me through stuff & money, because as much as I love your likes, nothing says "hey girl, I love what you're doing here" like a bunch of virtual cash or a surprise bucket of paint showing up at my door... so here are a few ways you can say "keep at it!"

While I try to do all my shopping on Amazon in favour of small independent craft suppliers - you can't deny how fucking convenient it is! (and that a most of the items I buy are still coming from those smaller shops).

In this wishlist you'll mostly find things that I need to buy anyway or materials which I need to keep buying once I've used them up (acetate for negatives, paint etc.) but also some big bold wishes (like a cricut machine)

So, should you wish to, you can send me things for the studio by the click of a button without even needing to know the studio address you can even do it anonymously if you want to add some mystery.

also... not everything is on Amazon, and for that reason I've added two more options for donating


Keeping it straight - here's a money donation link.

I'd love to start offering something back, so include your email/address so that I can send you something in the future - like a thank you, a discount, or a postcard... please do subscribe to my newsletter (for once I start writing one) so that I can repay your generosity somehow. 

as simple as it sounds (but also not, because why keep things easy)

Buy Me a Coffee is an American crowdfunding service for creators, which allows them to collect donations from their supporters. This can be used as pocket money for coffee and snacks, or to invest in better equipment for putting out free content.

So, you buy me 'a coffee' if you'd like to

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