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"WHOLE" is a cyanotype artwork, created as part of a series exploring relationships and bounderies. (Boundaries / Surround / Enclose / Space etc.)


The piece has a range of deep blue tones, created during a long exposure, with varying amounts of light hitting the paper. The shapes are formed using a collection of what may have otherwise been discarded flowers; passed their prime or fallen from the flower, lovingly collected and dried in my studio for to show that they have just as much beauty and value now, as before they were cut!



An example of a similar arrangement shown in the spliced photo, showing the unexposed solution and flowers as the 'negative' compared to the final artwork once processed. 



Option to upgrade + add 24ct gold leaf embellishment.


The artwork is approx. A3, and is sold unframed.

Why not add an A3 magnetic print hanger

"WHOLE" (A3 cyanotype)

  • Cyanotype is a photographic technique dating back to the 1800s - it is a method of capturing shadows on a light-sensitive page: when sunlight/UV light is introduced, areas of shadow remain the white of the page, and areas touched by the light undergo a chemical reaction, transforming into beautiful shades of blue once washed.

    Much like how flowers of the same variety grow in their own unique ways, cyanotypes are all unique, even when created in the same way, with the same tools - that's the magic of the cameraless photography process, it's always a bit of a surprise outcome, and that's why I love it!

  • It is normal for these artworks to incur some small dents along the way due to the washing/processing techniques; these may have been cut off, so your print will be slightly smaller than A4/A3, or they may have been left in situ as part of the character and history of the piece. Every effort is made to ensure the best outcome for each artwork.

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