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CYANOTYPE is a photographic process which captures the shadows of objects when exposed to sunlight, creating a vivid blue outline and detail to the white shapes.

My stars use genuine original cyanotypes, not a printed copy - these are created on a fine paper (coffee filters to be specific!) and then glued to the wooden stars once processed.

Due to the nature of my process, each design is different and will likely differ from the ones pictured (my original batch of 10). These decorated stars are made to order, so please allow 3-4 business days before dispatch.


OPTIONS - are basically as listed, but if you want to specify something simple like "lighter blues" or "not too busy" I will try my best to make a star that you'll love


LUCKY DIP - a slightly lower price, and the excitement of a complete surprise! Great for people who can't make decisions (...I'm with you)


CUSTOM - if you have something more specific you'd like to request; text, a specific flower or something personal. Please note outlining your specifications and I will get back to you with a confirmation or in the event that I feel I cannot fulfill the request, I will issue you a refund.




10cm solid pine star

Covered in a thin filter paper, which has been hand-cyanotyped with flowers.

Ethically sourced pine stars cut in Hampshire



Other options available by request: 13cm pine star, and 10/13/16cm OAK stars.



NOTE: I cannot guarantee that wishes made upon this star will come true, but it's pretty...

STAR - wooden star with cyanotype design

PriceFrom £7.99
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