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"It's okay to ask for space" is part of a series of cyanotype works that artfully document the demise of my Monstera Kingdom, as I progressively kill off yet more of my babies' leaves... but hey, that's life, right!?


Part of my Memento Mori series, which explores the beautiful side of death and it's inevitability, these monstera artworks honour the plants that made them; how far they have all come, and grown in their own unique ways. The shadows are formed through the cyanotype process, capturing the textures of the yellow leaf that must be cut - preserving it in stunning blues.


These artworks honour the fallen in the name of preservation and progress ... like a mother keeping her baby's first wobbled out tooth or haircut, I'll be proudly saving the leaves of my plantbabies - showing their resilience, growth and ability to tell me they need a little space please.



Made using the cyanotype/blueprint process, each artwork is unique, though the materials and shadows are the same, each time it is assembled, exposed and processed produces a different result! Which is very exciting if you ask me. 


The artwork is approx. A3, and is sold unframed.


Why not add an A3 magnetic print hanger?

"It's okay to ask for space..." (Monstera 6) (A3 cyanotype)

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