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These marvellous little 3D cyanotype pages were created as part of a short series of cyanotypes, using freshly cut fennel umbles, lovingly squashed to form these adorable little firework style shapes on the page. With a little bit of magic courtesy of some frivilous pollen, each cyanotype has a galaxy/starlike speckling across it - the wonder of nature!


The sense of magic and wonder is continued with a delicate sprinkling of 24k gold leaf - hand gilded onto the centres of each umble as if to show the brightest burst of light.


The fennel was kindly gifted to me by The Husbandry School, cut from their stunning market garden.


These 3D style paper canvases, will be posted to you ready-folded to ensure they are ready to be displayed at their absolute best - the nifty design features four options for hanging on the back, so you can pop them straight onto a nail/hook or take the time to find a perfect housing to suit your design style. They also sit very nicely simply propped on your desk (that's where I have mine!).




Listing is for one cyanotype canvas (four to choose from)


300 gsm cotton paper, acid-free

5" x 6.6" (12.7cm x 16.7cm) - if unfolded they measure 9" x 12" (22.9cm x 30.5cm)

FENNEL FIREWORKS (paper canvas with gold)

  • The magical cyanotype (blueprints) process dates back to 1842; they are made using sunlight/UV to activate a chemical reaction on sensitised paper - once exposed & processed, the image has a wide range of blue tones.

    All of my works are handmade, using quality materials. Due to the process, each piece is one-of-a-kind, even when using the same starting image; this means you will always get a unique artwork.

  • THROAT CHAKRA  - the throat chakra is responsible for our communication, creativity and expression. The colour blue can be used to support the throat chakra, enhansing self-expression and allowing us to speak our inner-truth. Blue is  an empowering colour, despite it's connotations with sadness - I make blue artworks to help support and empower women, through beautiful artworks that (like us) are so much more than just a pretty face!

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