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These blue recycled paper baubles/tags feature a range of beautiful designs created by nature and cyanotype, combining to form unique mini artworks.


They have been handmade in my studio using the alternative photography method to create large sheets adorned with seedhead and dried flowers to form delicate white shadow patterns on a beautiful blue background.  Individual circles are then cut in various sizes from the larger sheet to form mini artworks.


These art baubles are 2" and are presented on baker's twine (in Eton Blue & Navy) - designed to be hung as any other bauble, but with the added benefit of flatness if you wanted to hang on a wall + much easier to store!! 


I am calling them baubles, but really they're not just for Christmas, I certainly have no intention of taking mine down in January!! 


Could also be used as tags on gifts.




Cyanotype disk size = 2" / 50.8mm

String length: approx. 3-4" / 80-100mm


Environmental impact:

  • Artworks made as large sheets, with offcuts being used in other projects and waste paper being recycled for handmade paper
  • All flowers, plants, seedheads featured have been sourced from local trusted Devon farms (The Husbandry School and Amelia's Flower Farm)


blueprint paper baubles / tags

PriceFrom £2.50
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