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"AIR" is a cyanotype artwork which represents the air element and the fallen petals, shed on breezy summer days.


The ghosts of flowers both wild and cultivated, fall chaotically, yet delicately into the elemental symbol for air (earth, air, fire, water, spirit) - a reminder of the power , and to use your breath.



The white markings, are actually shadows, formed through the cyanotype process. Much like how flowers of the same variety grow in their own unique ways, cyanotypes are all unique, even when created in the same way, with the same tools - that's the magic of the cameraless photography process - it's always a bit of a surprise outcome, and that's how I like it!



The artwork is approx. A4, and is sold unframed.


Why not add a magnetic print hanger

"Air" element (A4 cyanotype)

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