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Part three of my location-based projects: Wembury near Plymouth, Devon. Another new part of Devon that I can’t believe I’ve never been to, but will certainly be revisiting.

For this walk I was mainly taking in the beautiful sites, stuffing my face with coffee & fudge and admiring the dog…forgetting that I was on a photography mission, with my camera firmly in my backpack… I did however, remember to take the old girl out as we began the journey back to the truck.

I mainly focused on textures and details for this stomp, with collaging in mind rather than complete photos to manipulate. Confession time, I used a setting I’m not used to and they mostly came out blurred! but, we all have bad days. They’re totally still usable… probably?

As always, I will eventually, create these tbc works and post them in my shop as cyanotypes, prints, and who knows what else!

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