Updated: Jan 13


For those who weren’t following my personal Instagram last summer, let me introduce you to a little something that became known as ‘Dress Up Fridays’.


I forced my parents to dress up with me, to match our Friday night movie (x12)


this was meant to be a simple distraction during the first UK national lockdown, something to look forward to during the week


  1. we had to all agree on a film (often on the Friday)

  2. have to prepare our outfits ON THE DAY – no prior prep allowed

  3. no money must be spent on the costume; items must all be found in or made from things in the house

  4. costumes must be worn for the duration of the film (but Lester almost never did)

I had the idea when National Theatre and Andrew Lloyd Webber started streaming live performances during the lockdown, none of us really knowing how long it would go on for. It started with The Shows Must Go On streaming Phantom, a family favourite, and I somehow managed to convince my parents to dress up with me. They’d said they were really busy so couldn’t think about a costume until the last minute (a very Feist thing to do anyway) and so that was that decided. After Phantom, we quickly expanded to other films, though we did mainly do musicals for the duration.

When I was younger, we used to put on these themed New Year’s Eve parties with some family friends, taking it in turn to host, and having fancydress and all the food, entertainment etc all tied in to the theme… I used to LOVE these, and often thought if there was any way to bring these back – now was our time! Even though it was just the three of us this time round, I was so fucking excited! Years of saving random bits of fabric, costumes, makeup – finally a reason!

My poor brother, who very cleverly forgot to join in the excitement, looked on in horror at our costumes when dinner was dished up. Every week nervously awaiting an explanation as to what we were meant to be. And everyone joked that it was just an excuse to take more selfies and put my tits on Instagram… your point?