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Oh hello, so you're thinking of commissioning an artwork? excellent!

Here I am able to offer you a zero obligation (for both of us!) chat about your ideas / vision.


Cyanotypes are my passion, but don't think that's all I limiting this form to; I make all sorts! 

Maybe you have an amazing photo of yourself, and you want to have it transformed into a gorgeous full-size goddess portrait with a flower crown or gold leaf halo... You want to make your wedding photos stand out, imortalise your bouquet, transform some curtains, or design your own vase decorated with your favourite herbs or flowers.


Perhaps a memorial piece as a beautiful way to honour and remember a loved one.


If you have anything that you specifically want to use such as a frame, photographs, items of clothing or heirlooms etc. please let me know about them and if possible include photographs so that I can consider this when reviewing your request.


Some previous commission examples: 

  • A couples' portrait in cyanotype and gold leaf, for a 10year anniversary gift (using a photo provided by client)
  • A digital sketch of a bride and her bridesmaids getting ready - as there wasn't a photo of all of them
  • A bespoke glass display box for the mother of the bride, using flowers and photos provided by the bride from the wedding. 
  • A branded wooden display box with 100 slots made to house the client's essential oils - with their logo in gold leaf.
  • A sketched logo for a new business
  • A cyanotyped memorial painting smock/jacket (to honour the memory of an artist)



no printer? no problem  - find a non-print version of the form here: /commissions





  • Gift Cards from my shop can be used on commission payments
  • I reserve the right to reject any commission requests if I do not feel comfortable or capable of completing them, for any reason.
  • Any items sent to the studio, are done so at the customer's own risk, I recommend tracked postage. Once in the studio, I will indevour to keep your items safe, but depending on the processes required for your request, I can make no guarantees that items will not be damaged.
  • No money will exchange until the terms of the project have been agreed and an invoice is sent to you. A deposit of 20% is required at the start of the project (unless agreed otherwise).
  • The world is having a bit of a wobbly and supply prices in all industries seem to be shooting up out of nowhere - I will always be honest and open about costs, but there may be some unpredicted extras along the journey, which may mean a difference between the quote and the end price.
  • Full Ts&Cs will be added soon.

Commission Consultation (FREE)

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