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For the first of my new series of location-based projects I headed to Old Mill Creek, nestled in Dartmouth, Devon.

The South Hams has always been close to my heart and holds many fond memories of trips to my Grandmother’s house. Yet, there are so many areas that I have yet to explore and so much beauty to find.

A friend suggested Old Mill Creek as he was familiar with the area and knew I would love walking there. After an initial stroll to check the place out, I decided it was somewhere I’d happily fall in love with! The next morning, I gathered my camera and backpack to head out on a snap-happy adventure.

Feeling inspired by the objects I had found and photographed on my walk, I instantly opened up Photoshop on my wonky old laptop & spent the afternoon snuggled up in comfy clothes, with copious amounts of coffee, the dog at my feet and music blasting… but here’s the result

The afternoon turned into a bit of a doodle session as I started an incredibly cathartic and enjoyable (somewhat unstoppable) process, very different to my normal work. It felt a little nostalgic of previous projects from my university days, but more refined with a digital input rather than manual.

The circular forms were created using a continuous stream of thought, written with a digital pen, overlapping to become a pattern which no longer resembles the words I used. Originally, my intention was to produce digital collages purely for the purpose of creating cyanotypes (the collages being printed as negatives), hence the high contrast black & white. However, the more I worked on them, the more I felt they dazzled in their own right. I was suddenly so proud of my work, and really happy about showing them off to the world. These works will of course, eventually, become cyanotypes too. With both versions available in my store. I am hoping to create similar weekend location based projects regularly over the next few months, so if you have any suggestions of stunning walks that might be of interest, please do let me know by commenting or contacting me directly. Personally, I can’t wait to see what comes of this!


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